Which Companies Offer the Best Kayaking in the Poconos?

There are so many opportunities for kayaking in the Poconos, whether you want to explore lakes or the Delaware River. You’ll find some of the best kayaking in PA here, thanks to the gorgeous scenery of these mountains. If you’re on vacation, you may not have brought a kayak along—perhaps you didn’t have space, or didn’t want to lug one with you. Luckily, several companies here offer rentals. Despite providing the same service, these companies inevitably provide different experiences. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the best places to choose from for renting a kayak.

Of course, there is more to do here in the Poconos than kayaking. Download our complimentary Vacation Guide for instant access to our list of all the best of the area. When dinner time rolls around, or when you’re in the mood for some shopping, the guide has you covered with recommendations for top restaurants and areas to go shopping.

A Guide to the Kayak Rentals of the Poconos

Since kayaking is such a popular pastime here, many places offer rentals. The list below is divided based on where you’ll be using your kayak: lake or the Delaware River.

Kayaking the Lakes of the Poconos

Lake Naomi Club

Among the long list of activities that the Platinum-rated Lake Naomi Club contains are kayak rentals in two-hour, half-day, or full day increments. You’re sure to have a relaxing day when you spend some time relaxing atop the cool waters of the deep blue Lake Naomi. The beautiful waters are flanked by a thriving, lush forest, making for picturesque, therapeutic views. Once you get your fill of kayaking, you can choose to relax on one of the beaches here or get a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

Pine Crest Marina

You can explore Lake Wallenpaupack at your own pace when you rent a kayak from Pine Crest Marina. The marina offers kayaks by the hour, which also gives you more freedom in how you want to spend your day.

Wallenpaupack Boat Tours & Rentals

Kayaks are among the array of watercraft available here. Rentals are for single or tandem kayaks for one-hour, two-hour, or half-day increments. Wallenpaupack Boat Tours & Rentals provides paddle instruction and life jackets with their kayak rentals.


Kayaking the Delaware Water Gap

Adventure Sports

This company holds a license from the National Park Service and has been running trips on the Delaware River since 1969. Paddle down the waterway as you catch glimpses of the abundant wildlife and lush greenery of the Poconos. Adventure Sports offers several excursions. One-day trips are best for the beginner and can encompass anywhere from a 3-hour trip to a 6-hour trip. You can rent either one- or two-person kayaks for the day for your river adventure.

Chamberlain Canoes

Despite the name, you can, in fact, rent a kayak from Chamberlain Canoes. Float down the Delaware River as the wind rushes by and you smell the fresh air of the forest and water. You can even bring your pet along, as long as you make sure to follow leash laws. Chamberlain Canoes have day rentals of kayaks for people going solo or tandem.

Edge of the Woods Outfitters

Choose from a variety of scenic trips with Edge of the Woods Outfitters. There are family-friendly excursions and self-guided tours down stretches of the Delaware River. Make sure to keep an eye out for eagle nests as you float along. For a particular scenic tour, join a guided evening paddle. It will take you down a beautiful, calm section of the river as a guide informs you of the history, geology, and ecology of the area. Edge of the Woods Outfitters provides single, tandem, and inflatable kayak rentals. They also have group discounts.  

Kittatinny Canoes

Kittatinny Canoes has several different kayak trips arranged according to your level of expertise. Both the more tranquil routes and the fast-paced ones offer trips of varying lengths. If you are new at kayaking, they have a guided tour with paddling instruction twice a year. If you are more experienced, race down a more active stretch of the Delaware River with one of the advanced journeys.

Lander’s River Trips

The family-owned and operated Lander’s River Trips has six different kayak launch locations into the Delaware River. Choose from single or tandem kayaks and from 2 to 5-hour trips. You’ll enjoy a bit more control in a kayak, and you can take it slow in an eddy or crank it up a notch by riding the Skinners Falls rapids.  

Relax at Mountaintop Lodge

Our lodge sits among tranquility on the shores of Lake Naomi in the heart of the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It’s the perfect place to unplug and reconnect with nature, and you’ll begin to relax from the moment you drive in. As a guest here, you can expect to be welcomed with attentive service. An additional bonus of staying with us is that you get complimentary access to the facilities at Lake Naomi ClubOne of the best ways to explore the Poconos is kayaking!

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