Here Are 12 of the Best Hiking Trails in the Poconos, PA

view of lake naomi with words "pocono mountains vacation guide" on topDo you want to find the best hiking trails in the Poconos? We know some of the best to get the most out of your visit. One of the main attractions of this region is its natural beauty, and hiking gives you a way to experience it up close. We’ve collected some of our favorites below!

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When to Go Hiking in the Poconos

Hiking in the Pocono Mountains is a treat no matter which time of year you visit. The spring brings with it blooming trees and colorful wildflowers. The summer is a great time to explore some of the beautiful waterfalls in the region. Autumn brings out incredible, vivid hues with the changing leaves and crisp, refreshing air. In the winter, it is quiet and peaceful, and the bare trees allow for views you would not have otherwise seen with the leaves obstructing your view.

Where to Go

Bushkill Falls Hiking Trails

A 45-minute drive away from Mountaintop Lodge, Bushkill Falls is a privately-owned park centered around eight waterfalls. If you’re in search of incredible waterfall hikes, be sure to visit this park, as it is also known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.”

There are four trails at Bushkill Falls that vary in difficulty. The easier routes still afford you excellent vantage points of some waterfalls, but not all of them. For that, you’ll have to traverse the longest path, the Red Trail. As you stroll along these paths, keep an eye out for the wildlife! Bird watching is another popular activity here.  

Delaware Water Gap Hiking Trails

This protected national recreational area spans over 70,000 acres. There are several educational and historical sites in the Delaware Water Gap as well as an abundance of outdoor recreation.

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail

In all, 28 miles of the Appalachian Trail stretch through the Delaware Water Gap. This distance is broken up into 16 trails which range from easy to moderately difficult, and most of them are in New Jersey. Don’t let that discourage you, though! Mountaintop Lodge is less than a half hour drive away from the Delaware Water Gap.  

Northern Trails

Trails through the northern section of the Delaware Water Gap run through forests, occasional fields, alongside rivers, and up to scenic views of waterfalls and distant panoramas. Some of the trails are closed annually between February and July for resource protection, so be sure to check before you go to see which ones are open.

Middle Trails

The majority of the trails, including the Appalachian Trail, are in the middle section of the Delaware Water Gap. This is where you will find the hikes that hug picturesque lakes, like Blue Mountain Lake and Crater Lake, and treks along Kittatinny Ridge past mines, streams, and forests.

Southern Trails

Most of the hikes here are through the forest. Streams and lovely views punctuate the lush foliage, and the difficulty ranges through a variety of skill levels. You’ll discover many journeys here. There’s the Slateford Loop Trail, which takes you by a former slate quarry and farm. The Red Dot Trail is one of the most challenging of the entire park, but it’s worth it, as you will gain outstanding views of the Delaware Water Gap from Mt. Tammany.

Lehigh Gorge State Park Hiking Trail

This state park spans over 4,000 acres. The most distinguishing feature of Lehigh Gorge State Park is the gorge resulting from Lehigh River carving through the surrounding rock. Whitewater rafting is a popular activity here, but don’t overlook the fantastic Glen Onoko Falls and Lehigh Gorge Overlook Trail! Discover a piece of adventure on this loop trail, and be sure to bring your camera along to snap pictures of the waterfall from several different viewpoints. The drive from Mountaintop Lodge to Lehigh Gorge State Park is just over a half hour.

Promised Land State Park Hiking Trails

Explore the 50 miles of scenic forested hiking trails at Promised Land State Park. Take the Bruce Lake Trail around a natural glacial lake as you take in the sights of the various hemlock, beech, oak, and maple trees. Or, make the Conservation Island loop, which entails a peaceful stroll around Conservation Island and have the lake surround you! The Promised Land State Park is around 40 minutes.

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