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Christmas in the Poconos: Why It Will Be Your Newest Holiday Tradition

What better place to spend the holidays than among picturesque mountain landscapes? The fresh, brisk air and fragrant pines will get you in the holiday spirit in no time, and the activities available will ensure your Christmas is one to remember. From exciting outdoor recreation to annual festivals, keep reading to discover why you should spend Christmas in the Poconos!

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Why You Should Spend Christmas in the Poconos This Year

Does it Snow in the Poconos in December?

This is the big question—how likely is it that you will enjoy a White Christmas? The report of average weather suggests that there is a possibility of snow in December, but not a guarantee. The average snowfall in the Pocono Mountains is about 50 inches. December through March is typically when you might see snow, but of course, every year is different.  

However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any snow at all. If the conditions aren’t right for snow to fall naturally, you can still experience it! Local ski areas and snow parks have snowmaking abilities, with one even making 100% of its snow to ensure ideal conditions.

Things to Do This Christmas in the Poconos

Winter Outdoor Activities

There are all kinds of things to do outdoors in the Poconos during the winter!

Visit one of the nearby ski resorts for a day of invigorating fun on the slopes. Each has features that make it distinctive, whether it’s boasting the highest vertical in the state of Pennsylvania or top-notch terrain parks. Many also offer snow tubing, for those who’d like to play it safer while still enjoying the exhilarating feeling of flying down snowy hills.  

If snow does happen to blanket the ground and you’re feeling especially adventurous, try your hand at dog sledding! This one-of-a-kind activity is sure to delight anyone who participates, making for memories you won’t soon forget.

If you’ve got the kids with you, they’re sure to have a blast playing winter paintball at Skirmish Paintball! Their courses span over 700 acres, with more than 50 maps that offer a variety of terrain and challenges.

You can also trek through the picturesque wilderness if you don’t mind the cold too much! Pack some warm clothes, bring a camera, and set out on a hike to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Poconos in the winter. Not only will there be fewer crowds than at other times of the year, but the lack of leaves on some trees means you will have better views of the surrounding vistas.

Christmas Holiday Events

There are so many holiday events that occur here during the season! If you’d like to see some live entertainment, catch one of the Christmas shows at the Shawnee Playhouse—there are four different productions to choose from, and they are all family-friendly.

Many of the towns throughout the Poconos feature festive events, from tree lighting ceremonies to transformations like Jim Thorpe’s Olde Time Christmas. For a complete list of holiday events in the Poconos, check out the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau’s calendar.

Spend Christmas Day in a Cozy Lodge

Staying in a smaller lodge has so many benefits, not the least of which is that you enjoy a more personalized experience. We take care to provide you with the best experience possible when you stay at our lodge, whether it is through our gourmet breakfasts in the morning, attention to detail, or just a friendly conversation.

An additional benefit of a stay at Mountaintop Lodge is that you can enjoy access to the long list of amenities at Lake Naomi Club. This includes everything from the lakeside beaches and outdoor pools to indoor sports facilities and a fitness center. Our lodge is still close to local attractions, so you will have your pick when it comes to how you choose to spend your vacation.

Be sure to browse all our accommodations before you book your winter holiday in the Poconos, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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