Ice fishing in the Poconos is an adventure that offers serene landscapes, the excitement of the catch, and a unique way to experience the winter season. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice curious about this chilly pursuit, the Pocono Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable ice-fishing expedition.

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Try Ice Fishing in the Poconos on Your Winter Vacation

Ice fishing is a winter sport from December through February, where anglers catch fish through openings in the ice of frozen water bodies. Utilizing specialized equipment like ice augers for drilling and portable shelters for warmth, it’s a unique blend of patience, skill, and adaptation to the cold. This serene yet adventurous activity offers a tranquil escape into nature’s frosty embrace, making it popular in cold climates.

Top Spots for Ice Fishing

At the heart of the Poconos, Lake Wallenpaupack shines as an ice-fishing paradise. The lake spans 13 miles long and is 5,700 acres. Its waters, teeming with bass, trout, catfish, perch, and other species, make it an angler’s dream for summer and winter activities. The areas around Martin’s Cove offer ice fishing experiences that are both accessible and rewarding.

Gear Up for the Cold

Before stepping onto the ice, securing a Pennsylvania fishing permit is crucial for anyone 16 years or older. Safety is paramount; dress in warm layers, check the thickness of the ice, and always have a life jacket. The cold can be unforgiving, but it can also be exhilarating with the proper precautions.

Ice Fishing Rentals

For bait, tackle, and other ice fishing supplies at Lake Wallenpaupack, the Wallenpaupack Sport Shop in Hawley is a highly recommended stop. They offer a range of fishing gear, including live bait, and can also provide fishing licenses. It’s conveniently located near Lake Wallenpaupack, making it an ideal place to gear up for your fishing adventure​.

Dress Appropriately

For ice fishing in the Poconos, safety and warmth are paramount. Begin with moisture-wicking base layers, add insulated mid-layers, and cover with a waterproof outer shell. Fundamental safety equipment includes a personal flotation device and ice picks for self-rescue if you fall through the ice. Also, carry a whistle and a waterproof flashlight for emergencies. Dressing appropriately is about ensuring your safety in the unpredictable winter environment. Proper attire and safety equipment are critical for a secure, enjoyable ice fishing experience.

Stay in Comfort at Mountaintop Lodge, Near Lake Wallenpaupack

After a day spent ice fishing in the Poconos and enjoying other snow activities, Mountaintop Lodge at Lake Naomi offers a warm and inviting retreat close to ice fishing and many other exciting things to do. Our accommodations range from warm and cozy guest rooms to luxurious cabin suites, perfect for relaxing after a day in the cold.

Explore our special packages and enjoy amenities like Turkish towels, gas fireplaces, made-to-order breakfasts, and a quaint coffee and pastry shop. It’s the ideal base for your ice fishing adventure and a gateway to the wider wonders of the Poconos.

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