Winter in the Poconos transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland, inviting adventurers and families alike to explore its pristine trails in a unique way. Dog sled tours offer an exhilarating journey through this frosty paradise, combining the thrill of mushing with the breathtaking beauty of the Pocono Mountains. Among the various winter activities available, dog sled tours are a must-try experience, providing an unforgettable adventure that connects you with nature and the spirited teams of huskies.

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Embark on Your Winter Adventure with Dog Sled Tours in The Poconos

Join the Pack

Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours, the region’s leading provider of dog sled experiences, invites you to step into the musher’s boots. They’ve rescued, raised, and run huskies for over 15 years. Here, you actively participate in guiding a team of enthusiastic huskies through snow-covered forests and open trails. It’s an opportunity to bond with these remarkable animals, learn about the sport of mushing, and witness the stunning winter landscapes of the Poconos from an entirely new perspective.

An Unparalleled Winter Experience

The dog sled tours offer a vibrant experience through winter, designed to delight whether there is snow or not. On snow-free days, the adventure doesn’t pause; guests join in UTV-led tours where huskies, full of energy, mimic their traditional roles, offering an interactive and educational glimpse into dog sledding beside the picturesque Delaware River. When there is about a foot of snow on the trail, the sleds come out, and guests get a hands-on opportunity to mush, guided by the expert hands of our team. This engaging blend of activities ensures a memorable winter outing, embracing the essence of the Poconos’ winter spirit.

What to Expect

Embark on an hour-long dog sled adventure, encapsulating check-in, interaction with our friendly huskies, and the thrill of mushing. Regardless of the snow, the experience is rich and engaging. Located at 100 Shawnee Inn Drive, Shawnee on the Delaware, PA 18356, is easy to find. Arrive early to enjoy the resort’s facilities, ensuring a seamless start to your unforgettable Poconos adventure. Follow their Facebook page for current information and to find super cute media for dog lovers!

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